1st Blogiversary Giveaway


Teamales! I’m so excited because this week marks one whole year of Half Girl Half Teacup- a whole blady year! Genuinely have no idea how I’ve managed to commit myself to a blog when I struggle to pay attention to an 8 minute TED talk, but here we are, welcome to the party (I like to think of this celebration happening in a big room covered in vagina shaped bunting with a table of pork pies in the middle and Fetty Wap blaring out the Sonos, while we play games like Pin the ponyTail on Jessica Ennis and Spin the Bottle-d up hatred of the patriarchy. You’re loving it already I can tell.) image

But now to the even more exciting bit- the GIVEAWAY. I’ve spent the past few months gathering the perfect feminist gift bundle because after all, this is a feminist blog and I refuse to provide anything less than gender equality to my readers (even if that means a super dodgy Etsy search history…) I wanted to compile something  über precious as a thank you to everyone that’s ever read, liked, commented on, followed or even thought about HGHT. Without you I would have no hobbies to put on my CV. So, it’s been a year in the making but, what is the prize?

Feminist Tote Bag from Goats and Totes: Genuinely a bit emosh that I’m not keeping this, it has more than enough room for a few A4 ring-binders, pocket mirror and spare pants and (as I don’t really know what else people put in their bags) I’m calling it perfect for all occasions. Except maybe the Return of Kings conferences.image

Tits Tee: You might be able to tell, from the cheeky foundation stain on the neck, that this is mine used for photographic purposes. I think this is a medium (10-12) but it comes up quite big, so whoever wins will have to decide which size they want and I’ll order it for them. I might have to wait until I’m 18 to wear this in public otherwise it feels a bit child porny, but I love the Free the Nipple campaign and thought this top would be the ultimate asset to a fellow fems wardrobe. image

Menstrual cup: Just as they’ve decided to ‘eradicate’ tampon tax, you might never need to buy a tampon again. Or maybe you will. I have a friend who’s capital hooked on her femme cup but even though I’m trying to love mine, it’s not going to plan (I think the word ‘cup’ just makes me think that I’m putting a mug up my vag and in the end I just cry and run back to Tampax) however you might feel differently. I will be expecting an update.

Vagina Colouring Book by Hannah Daisy: My poor, poor search history. However this will probably become an ironic stress-buster and you win double feminist points because it’s intersectional. (Apparently.) image

Pelvic Toning Balls: Last year it was super trendy (or at least it was according to those Californian yoga moms who drink their own piss and never wear shoes) to use pelvic toning balls to strengthen your internal muscles; of course me and my friends- being the victims of pop culture that we are- ordered some online. Tbh I don’t really think they have any effect however the sound they make when you walk around is 800% worth it. Seriously. It’s like jingle bells. Vagingal bells. I can’t even. I hope you win so badly.

Unicorns Against The Patriarchy Notebook: I love this cheeky juxtaposition between the best (unicorns) and worst (patriarchy) things on the planet. Plus, there’s a nice wad of paper available for you to send me fan mail. image

That Lame Company Print: The company this is from is the ultimate babe, plus I’m a sucker for a generic white girl quote and I thought this one was fitting- ultimately, blogging makes me happy and hopefully reading my blog makes you happy and then your happiness makes me even happier.

So (UK only) do you want to win? ENTER HERE

20 thoughts on “1st Blogiversary Giveaway

  1. Seasweetie says:

    I got all excited and then the dreaded “UK only”. 😦 Congratulations on a year! I know it’s a commitment and one you can be proud of. I’ve enjoyed your writing so much, and am sharing you with my feminist friends.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jess says:

      Thank you so much! My UK only was because I did something like this a few years ago and well, a bank loan and 78 page Royal Mail document about postage restrictions later…I had to ship to Tasmania. I didn’t sleep for two weeks because I thought border control would intercept the parcel😂 If I make it to two years though we’ll be going worldwide TRUST ME. Thank you for your support I’m really honestly so grateful x

      Liked by 1 person

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