After last week’s release of Disney’s live action Cinderella (the UK gets film about 8 light years after the rest of the world), I thought I’d take the opportunity to adore one of Walt’s original princesses- in an aptly named list:

10 Reasons The Live Action Cinderella Is Better Than We ExpectedPhoto 30-03-2015 17 20 39

The Casting: after a live action is announced the first thing to be criticized is the cast, conversations such as “Wait! Isn’t that the girl from that film with that guy who saves that dolphin from drowning?” and “He just hasn’t got the right earlobes, if you ask me” start to circulate. Fans and trolls alike swarm to twitter to discuss the proportions of famous faces to newcomers as well as predicting who they’ll ship a year in advance. However Cinderella has been cast faultlessly with Lily James, Cate Blanchett, Richard Madden and Helena Bonham Carter just to name a few, gracing the screen with a remarkably talent filled presence that gives the animated characters a run for their money. God bless Lucy Bevan. Continue reading

My Fling with Fling

Last week I downloaded Fling, the latest social media craze. The app that describes itself as ‘as exciting way to share life’s moments’ allows you to send photos, short videos and messages (otherwise known as ‘Flings’) to up to 50 complete strangers anywhere in the world. I was instantly hooked. The whole world? Imagine all the things you could see! With all those strangers there- think about everything you could learn! I could get daily updates on the weather in Cambodia or see the Hanging Gardens of Babylon without moving from the sofa or even find a French tutor- imagine that! Me speaking French, all because I downloaded Snapchat’s cousin. How have I only just heard about this INCREDIBLE idea?

hahahahahahahaha how naïve the mind can be.

'Man Parts' *snorts*

‘Man Parts’ *snorts*

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