7 Deadly Sins

I was nominated by my go to girl (or should that be ex-go to girl since she bought the ABH Renaissance Palette and has emotionally deserted me wandering round Boots trying to work out what aisle the crease is in) Izzy from Daisy Chains in the Rain to do the seven deadly sins of makeup tag. Which is quite optimistic considering my brushes remaining unwashed for at least 3 months probably takes up 27 sins in itself. You can watch Izzy’s vid here (and cry bc her makeup is so perf- obvs don’t tell her I said that) and my nominations are:

Amanda Bae

Beth Bae

Jess Bae

Alex Bae (who is now self hosted!? Congrats b)

You can do this written on your blog, on YouTube or like idk as an interpretive dance if you really want I won’t judge.

Greed: What is your most in/expensive makeup item? 

I’m a bit of a bargain hunter so I find it genuinely difficult to spend lots of money on makeup because I have so much fun looking for cheaper prices (£19 for a brand new Naked Palette is this the real life is this just fantasy) however before the kitten was killed with curiosity and I was buying makeup at the same price as everyone else I got the £39 BareMinerals complexion kit. Obviously in the wrong colour (because I was about 14 and you’re not allowed to get the shade right at that age. Although tbh rather I suffer from severe skin colour dysmorphia or I’m just getting paler, I used to be a solid 4.0 in UD Naked Skin foundation and now I’m struggling to fit a 3.0. What happened beautiful tanned skin where are you now that I need you?) Cheapest item would probably be my £2 Kiko lipsticks.
Wrath: Which product do you have a love/hate relationship with? Continue reading

My Femme Cup

Since WordPress has updated, my faith in scheduling posts has massively increased so hopefully you’ll be reading this at around 8pm on a Monday (while I’m up the empire state building or in central park or trying to translate my accent into an American friendly one- be ready for a Panic Monster Abroad part 2 next week). Today, however, I thought I’d reintroduce an ongoing project (blogject?) on HGHT. You may have noticed one of the tabs at the top of the screen is ‘The Femme Cup’ which, to cut a long story short, is a tag about fcfeminism. I nominate a few people each week and I’ve received some really interesting responses so far but I realised that I myself have never taken part in my own tag. #Awks. So here we are: my femme cup.

Are you a feminist? Yes. I never used to like that label but now I want to fling mouldy sausage rolls at my 14 year old ignorance. It’s very easy in the Western world to both sugar-coat the society you live in and assume your rights are held by women elsewhere. Denying there aren’t gender inequalities does nothing except indicate your lack of world-awareness and incapability to make social progress- 2 attributes that you’d hardly be sticking on your CV. Or your Tinder profile for that matter. Continue reading

A-Z Before Bed

I saw this tag on someone else’s blog (but I genuinely can’t remember whose so soz to all the A-Z tag doers out there, just know that it could’ve been you) and I thought it was a really cute way to get to know somebody. Aka I thought my one year blogging anniversary was this week but it’s actually next week and I needed a filler post so ta-dah.

Waitrose essentially, you use the alphabet and every letter reflects a different aspect of you- I’m going to be alternating between things I hate in red and things I love in green to make it a bit more spicy (and also the colours of Nandos). So, moving Taylor Swiftly on… (That awkward moment when you realise the keyboard isn’t arranged in alphabetical order and you have to sing the ABC song to know which letter comes after E.)

Antifeminism. Duh.image

Bb Brother It was his christening yesterday and honestly it was the cutest thing ever, however the age gap does prove serious problems- especially prominent when I’m pushing him round Caffè Nero and all the middle aged women with their Macchiatos and blueberry muffins stop mid-sip to whisper to the woman beside them about the ‘teen mum’. Like proper staring. They’d never make MI5.

Contouring My mantra is (biological essentials aside) if Kim Kardashian can do it then I probably can’t. Contouring is quite possibly the greatest evidence for this claim, followed by wearing double denim and naming offspring after directions. Continue reading

Poppin Tags (again)

The rather mysteriously named Girl Shadow– sounds a bit like the next Bond villain- nominated me for the Q&A tag almost 827 years ago so I thought now would be the perfect time to respond to it. The aim of the game is to answer all the questions except one that you change, which is a bit risky considering how accidentally inappropriate I can be, so I’ll try and keep it PG. I’m listening to Mumford and Sons hoping that will help.

What are you wearing today? Let’s be realistic here, I’m about to visualise the cutest outfit I own and then describe it as if I’m wearing it even though we all know that I’m sat here with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s in my onesie. But, in my defense, it’s a super fluffy Christmas pudding onesie so I should win some brownie (or at least fruit cakey) points for that.

Hair? Currently glued to my head with all the grease- I have this really bad habit of, like, forgetting to wash.

Morning go to? In the mornings I usually go to sixth form but sometimes I shake it up a bit and pop to Marks & Spencer to buy some cola cubes beforehand. image

Which is the last movie you saw? I went to see The Danish Girl when it came out and it was incredible. Obviously, we’re disappointed that Lili wasn’t played by a trans actor, but I can assure you Eddie Redmayne cough my future husband cough plays the part stunningly.

Update: just found out bae already has a wife, can my celebrity crushes stop marrying women that aren’t me pls. Continue reading

Don’t Be So Hard On Your Elf

Unless you hadn’t noticed- and the only way not noticing would be justified is if you live in a world where War Is Over hasn’t already been played to death and the shops are still selling Easter eggs- Christmas is around the corner. Cue a heartwarming John Lewis advert (my new employer may I just VERY subtly add), 22 minute beauty vlogs ft. the entire Lush Christmas collection (Izzy my darling I’m looking at you) and loads of randomly titled sales of which the relevance I don’t understand but 7.5% off at Urban Outfitters? I’m not complaining. When it comes to Halloween I can be a bit of a Scrooge, so you’ll be pleased to know Christmas is my thang. Not only are my secret Santa skills on point, but I was the cow in my first nativity and we all know that whoever plays the cow essentially represents the essence of Christmas. Or at least that was what they told me when I was sat in the Wendy house crying because I wasn’t Mary.

So in acknowledgement of the most wonderful time of the year, here is a little donkey of a tag that https://anaccidentalauthor.wordpress.com/ invented and then nominated me for. (I thought it was about time I showed you mine) (And no, that is just as wrong in context as it is out of it so count your ignorance as bliss.) Let us commence with the rather festively titled: Holly Jolly Festive Tagimage

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas? I love all the seasonal products that you never knew you needed until December 1st when Costa release their Christmas menu and it takes you about three extra minutes to order because not only do you have to choose between small grande drink in take away hot milk soya substitute gluten free cream marshmallows cocoa dust in the shape of all the time you’ve wasted, now you also have to decide if you want a Tiramisu Latte or Black Forest Hot Chocolate. Obviously, whatever you pick must be accompanied by a mini Yule Log otherwise it might as well be January already.  Continue reading

Sweater Weather Tag

Welcome to not only a new week but also a new season, yes Teamales it is officially autumn and I blady hate it.

I’m pretty sure eighteen white girls just dropped their pumpkin spice lattes in utter shock so please let me explain. It’s not that I don’t like autumn (seriously A don’t take it personally) I just hate how it’s becoming yet another consumer holiday, Starbucks were probably the first to ruin it with THAT perfume tasting drink, then Instagram took their piece of the pie with all these fall fashion hashtags including layering which we’ve already discussed is highly impractical and now suddenly everyone is obsessed with Halloween? I just don’t get it. I don’t want to demote mustard and brown coloured clothes to a three month period. And- let’s be realistic here- what even is a pumpkin spice?

I stole this pic from Em

I stole this pic from Em

With all this in mind, when I was nominated to do the Sweater Weather Tag by the sugarplums at http://theclosetplebeians.com/ I was super excited. For anyone that hasn’t come across tags before the idea of them is to thank the person that nominated you, answer the questions provided and then nominate other bloggers to answer them too. Continue reading