The Problem With Blogging Chats

I love Twitter chats. If you have a spare hour they are one of the best ways to grow a large following at once and engage with loads of like-minded bloggers. After a few polls and lots of encouragement on social media, I’m thinking about launching a feminist chat in March, which got me thinking about all the features of chats which get on my nerves a little so that I can rather try to eliminate them or prepare myself to laugh them off from my own. So as much as I love chats, here are some things I could do without:

The Timings: Every evening that I’m not working I suddenly think about joining in a chat only to remember that most chats start on the hour and it’s now 23 minutes past so unless I want to be, like, third wheeling on your conversation I have to wait for 37 minutes to pass. But then by the time this comes I’ve started doing something productive like washing my hair or tidying my sock drawer so participating is strictly off-limits.

People Sharing Their Links Too Soon: If you’re leaving the chat early then fair enough share away but if you share your link and THEN CONTINUE CHATTING what are you trying to achieve? Well more blog views obvs. But metaphorically speaking. I’m all for shameless self-promo but I also want to my feed to be full of interesting discussion, not a stream of Times Square adverts.

Even worse than that is People Promoting Their Posts Using The Hashtag Of A Chat That They Haven’t Even Chatted In: I get that stats are hard but if you haven’t spent the last hour with your eyes aching from staring at a screen and elbows numb from being leant on because your iPhone charger doesn’t stretch to the sofa then your post doesn’t deserve the same airtime as mine. By all means promote yourself on the hashtag before and after the chat but not while it’s underway, if you’re not joining in.

The Questions: are rather too simple e.g. ‘when did you start blogging’ to which all the answers are just random numerical values that literally mean nothing to me, or they’re possible dissertation topics e.g. ‘what’s your opinion on white feminism in the modern world’. Twitter does not allow enough characters to voice everything I feel about some of these questions. Sometimes I end up writing mini essays on Google Docs but then by the time I’ve come to a compelling conclusion I realise that I’m behind by three questions.

When The Hashtag Is So Long That It Takes Up Half My Tweet: This is something I’m really struggling with while creating my own chat. ‘Feminism’ or ‘intersectionality’ are pretty long words before they’ve been turned into some cringey pun, so I don’t want to clog up your ideas with, well, my creative ego. There’s nothing worse than typing ‘Hmm I think that this’ and then realising you’re already hurtling towards minus characters. Shoutout to #bdib for keeping it short and sweet.

The People You Interact With All Night That Don’t Follow You Back: Was my choice of emoji not good enough for you Debra? I’m sorry you can’t handle the upside-down smiley but you know what, it’s your loss. (I say through heartbroken tears over all my almost-friends.)

People Arriving At Question 3 But Answering Question 1 Instead: I really don’t mind that you got here a little late- I’m super guilty of telling my friends that I’m ‘round the corner’ from our meeting spot when the truth is I’m still in bed- but I don’t understand why people scroll all the way to the first few questions and write super insightful answers when everyone else has already moved on. I suddenly get a notification about a topic that happened 40 minutes ago and have to majorly wrack my brain to remember what I was on about back then. I feel like that ‘live in the moment’ rule applies best to these situations.

So, Teamales have you ever joined in a Twitter chat and if so do you agree with these? Plus, what do you think about a chat where you can discuss real, intersectional, feminist issues for an hour a week? Please comment below!

18 thoughts on “The Problem With Blogging Chats

  1. TheTypicalBeautyBlog says:

    Love these! I so agree with most of them 🙈 and sometimes I’m that slow person that comes on question 3 and still answers questions 1 – a girl needs to catch up 🙈🙈 I could be waiting ages for a chat to start and then completely forget until it’s 15 mins in 🙄 also hate people that won’t follow you back after the end of a chat when you been chatting for the entire hour!!! Like are you too good for me???

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    • Jess says:

      Oh god I hate that SO much!! I’ve been chatting to you for a whole hour of my life and you’re just going to sit there and not follow me back? It’s so rude, you’d never do that in real life so why do it online. Thank you for commenting and being all relatable with me x

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  2. Amy says:

    It’s difficult though if you schedule your tweets to avoid using certain tags at certain times.
    I find these days that I don’t get any follows from a chat, but then that’s the same for twitter in general, it’s really hard to gain followers!
    I was one of the ones that went about getting the #bdib as the full length # for it was way too long!

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    • Jess says:

      Haha yeah obviously you can’t criticise people for doing things accidentally but when people do it on purpose it’s super annoying! Thank you for reading n double thanks for #bdib it’s my fave abbreviation xo


    • Jess says:

      Omg thank you for reading and I’ll put you on my list of people to tell when (WHEN not IF- I’m trying to psych myself into it haha) the chat goes ahead! I was thinking something with ‘fem’ in but I used femme in a post once and apparently that word is offensive to the lesbian community so I’ll have to do my research❤️ Femchat has a cute little ring to it tbh xo


  3. webloglifeblog says:

    omg how true is this post!!! absolutely loved it ahaha, putting the hashtag when you aren’t in the chat to promote your posts and joining chats late but still answering old questions, are such pet hates when will people stop??

    really hope you end up doing your own twitter chat too 🙂

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    • Jess says:

      Omg thank you my darling xo there should be some kind of blogging etiquette book with all these rules alongside follow people back, reply to comments, NO AUTO DMs, etc haha (maybe we’ll write one). As for my own chat, I’m working on it…slowly… X


  4. oawoodward says:

    HA I love this! I’m a sucker for a good Twitter chat, but I never remember most of them are on until like 23 minutes past! Totally agree about some of the questions being really simple. Also a lot of the chats recycle the same topics. Like, there’s only so many different ways I can answer ‘Who is your favourite Disney princess’ and ‘Why did you start blogging’.

    Liv //

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    • Jess says:

      Exactlyyyyy I feel so bad for saying it but some questions just aren’t that great- it’s something that I really want to work on for my own chat so if you have any question ideas then please share lol. Thanks for reading xo

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    • Jess says:

      Haha omg so true there’s like the main question and then everyone’s replies and then sub topics which arise from their replies and then another question but I’m still replying to tweets about the first question and AH xo

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