7 Deadly Sins

I was nominated by my go to girl (or should that be ex-go to girl since she bought the ABH Renaissance Palette and has emotionally deserted me wandering round Boots trying to work out what aisle the crease is in) Izzy from Daisy Chains in the Rain to do the seven deadly sins of makeup tag. Which is quite optimistic considering my brushes remaining unwashed for at least 3 months probably takes up 27 sins in itself. You can watch Izzy’s vid here (and cry bc her makeup is so perf- obvs don’t tell her I said that) and my nominations are:

Amanda Bae

Beth Bae

Jess Bae

Alex Bae (who is now self hosted!? Congrats b)

You can do this written on your blog, on YouTube or like idk as an interpretive dance if you really want I won’t judge.

Greed: What is your most in/expensive makeup item? 

I’m a bit of a bargain hunter so I find it genuinely difficult to spend lots of money on makeup because I have so much fun looking for cheaper prices (£19 for a brand new Naked Palette is this the real life is this just fantasy) however before the kitten was killed with curiosity and I was buying makeup at the same price as everyone else I got the £39 BareMinerals complexion kit. Obviously in the wrong colour (because I was about 14 and you’re not allowed to get the shade right at that age. Although tbh rather I suffer from severe skin colour dysmorphia or I’m just getting paler, I used to be a solid 4.0 in UD Naked Skin foundation and now I’m struggling to fit a 3.0. What happened beautiful tanned skin where are you now that I need you?) Cheapest item would probably be my £2 Kiko lipsticks.
Wrath: Which product do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Lipgloss. Every time. I got some swatches- if you can call them swatches, they look more like smarties in a paracetamol box- from Urban Decay’s Revolution line and yes they look spicy on but do I really want to leave a sticky snail trail of Failbait on every glass I drink from before leaving. Or worse, having to face the hair-sticking-to-lips-every-time-the-wind-blows upon leaving the house. If I wanted hair lining my mouth I would’ve bought a Pritt Stick. Or grown a beard. Not fun.

Gluttony: Which brand takes up the most of your makeup collection?

imageGluttony is the grossest word ever, it sounds like the name of a shit secondary character who’s been added in the last draft solely to develop the side plot. However, to answer the question, I usually collect loads of one brand and then don’t text them back for months until my newer, better products run out. Recently I’ve done a big Kiko shop, but I feel my ultimate bae here is Tampax. Say what you like but they’re classified as beauty to me.

Sloth: Which product do you neglect due to laziness?

I love skin makeup but IB life means undereye circles too dark to cover, stress spots too oily to conceal and foundation too shiny to powder effectively. I could learn how to do that colour correcting thing where you dab green gel on your face and hope you don’t look like Shrek at the end but I just don’t have time. She says, with the week off to write her extended essay but having just made a vegetarian sausage and brie bagel, written another blog post and danced to Lemonade instead. I just don’t have time.

Pride: Which product gives you the most self-confidence?

In an ideal society, makeup would be purely for art/a hobby and we wouldn’t need it as a confidence booster, however until we reach lesbian feminist utopia, the question will still stand. For me, I remember buying £1.99 shade sand Natural Collection foundation when I was 14 and thinking wow, I look so much better. Foundation has had that effect pretty much ever since. Who knew skin-coloured masks could be such fun? image

Lust: What item is at the top of your beauty wishlist?

Well the great thing about working for one of the UK’s top 25 employers (and being wildly impatient) (and being a biggie bargain hunter) is that products don’t have to sit on my wishlist for very long. If anything, I’d say I really need to try some new concealers- I’ve heard everyone raving about the Maybelline spongy one but can I really be bothered to go and swatch them all. Spoiler alert: the answer is no.

Envy: Which makeup look looks great on other people but not you?

Everything? No, seriously, everything. But mainly bronzer, like I don’t get how Kim K can make having tanned tyre marks look hot yet when I do it my face looks like someone’s hung a Terry’s chocolate orange from each cheek. Similarly, dark lipstick- tbt to the Vice counter opening when the saleswoman picked up a shade probably called Naked Bike Ride because that’s how nude it was and said ‘try this’. And while we’re listing we might as well throw eyeliner in there. Which is basically everything.

4 thoughts on “7 Deadly Sins

  1. Izzy says:

    I have been a bad blogger bff and left it nearly a week before reading this even though its been top of my to do list *slaps wrist* but oh lordy it was worth it as usual! Thanks for the compliment bbs, we all know you said it here first 😉 I’ll show you what aisle the crease is in when we go for our loosing-the-nyx-and-lush-v trip once I have learnt to drive to your house (this is legit going to happen one day idc) xoxoxox

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jess says:

      Pls drive quickly because our Boots mega store is closing down (!?!) (although being replaced with a John Lewis so it’s probably my own fault can’t control the middle class urban sprawl) omg tho I’m on summer hols now and can catch up on all the iz vlogs that I’ve missed and be a good blogger bff again tooooo x


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