Poppin Tags (again)

The rather mysteriously named Girl Shadow– sounds a bit like the next Bond villain- nominated me for the Q&A tag almost 827 years ago so I thought now would be the perfect time to respond to it. The aim of the game is to answer all the questions except one that you change, which is a bit risky considering how accidentally inappropriate I can be, so I’ll try and keep it PG. I’m listening to Mumford and Sons hoping that will help.

What are you wearing today? Let’s be realistic here, I’m about to visualise the cutest outfit I own and then describe it as if I’m wearing it even though we all know that I’m sat here with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s in my onesie. But, in my defense, it’s a super fluffy Christmas pudding onesie so I should win some brownie (or at least fruit cakey) points for that.

Hair? Currently glued to my head with all the grease- I have this really bad habit of, like, forgetting to wash.

Morning go to? In the mornings I usually go to sixth form but sometimes I shake it up a bit and pop to Marks & Spencer to buy some cola cubes beforehand. image

Which is the last movie you saw? I went to see The Danish Girl when it came out and it was incredible. Obviously, we’re disappointed that Lili wasn’t played by a trans actor, but I can assure you Eddie Redmayne cough my future husband cough plays the part stunningly.

Update: just found out bae already has a wife, can my celebrity crushes stop marrying women that aren’t me pls.

What would you like to learn to do? I’ve always wanted to learn how to make clothes so I can direct a live adaptation of The Elves and the Shoemaker and probably win a Golden Globe.

What are you listening right now? Dammit I knew I’d spend all day listening to Vivaldi or The Beatles and then get to this question when I was listening to the Sofia the First soundtrack, at least I’ll know how to host the perfect slumber party. (I realise upon reflection this is a really niche joke, but also an absolute banger so if you’ve got a spare few minutes instead of going on Reddit go and have a listen.)

What are your essentials when travelling? I’m all about the necessities: sheewee, straighteners, notebook, at least 6 biros, socks and my Radley passport holder. image

Which job did you want to do when you were a little kid? Like most kids, I wanted to be loads of random things inc a waitress, (soz I just got distracted, watched Eddie Redmayne’s ice bucket challenge and got a little bit emotional over how defined his abs are, but I’m okay now. I lie I will never be okay again.) a songwriter and a zoo keeper. I was really interested in animals but I also loved writing so I wrote to my childhood idol Jaqueline Wilson with my dilemma and she said if I worked at a zoo I could write animal stories in my spare time. What a babe.

What’s your most challenging goal right now? Trying to write an essay for Cambridge Uni. I gave my first draft to my tutor to mark and his response was ‘well, you can tell you’re a blogger not an essay writer.’ Grr. But also cheeky backhanded compliment methinks?

How was your childhood? BB Jess was childhood goals: I met Chuckle at Cadbury World, popped off to India for a bit and had flashing trainers. However I also got bitten by a mosquito on the top of my leg (essentially my bum, but let’s say top of the leg to keep it PG) when I was about 4 and it left a hole which is still there, so now I have this absolutely useless leg hole which will probably get infected and be the death of me. Thanks mosquito. image

What would you like to have in your hands right now? Aye aye.

What would you like to get rid of? Gender inequality and Kanye West. Preferably simultaneously.

What are you most excited about? I’m off to New York City in March and I’m going to be such a tourist (and Instagram goals) allllll week.

What’s your favourite type of music? Quite possibly the most awkward question you can ask someone when you first meet them is ‘so what music do you like?’ On the surface it seems harmless, but then you realise THERE IS NO RIGHT ANSWER, whatever you say you’ll be judged and looked disapprovingly down on by the asker. Classical translates to ‘pretentious’, 80s means ‘still lives with their parents’ and Charli XCX (aka the truth) doesn’t have time to settle into their brains because they’ve already disowned me.

Why is today special? It’s probably not. In fact, after the Redmayne heartbreak, it’s definitely not.

What’s your goal in life? Survive the IB, study in Canada and write a super successful sitcom. Or, if I don’t live that long, can I request I get assassinated because I mean if you’re going to go you might as well go out with a bang. rsz_2comp

What was your last dream? I must say, my dream factory has been producing some top notch entertainment recently, a few nights ago I dreamt that my dad had the body of Flounder from The Little Mermaid but then he became a whale and took up so much space that no one else could fit in the sea. My German teacher’s also usually guaranteed to make an appearance.

Voila! I’m not going to nominate anyone specifically because I’m currently promoting the Femme Cup (which YOU can find here) but this tag was scarily insightful and I think we’ve all learnt a lil bit too much about me…

11 thoughts on “Poppin Tags (again)

  1. An Overthinking Teenager says:

    OMG ok so I was going to save myself for a mega long comment because I just found your blog and I absolutely love it but when you mentioned Eddie Redmayne’s abs and I was like OK GOTTA COMMENT NOW OMG NEED TO CHECK THESE OUT. But anyway…YES to Cadbury World and BOO to mosquitoes, studied the life cycle for biology today and god I hate them. Ugh, WHY IS THE LIFE CYCLE OF MALARIA SO HARD AND YES I COMPLETELY BLAME IT ON THE MOSQUITOS.

    But anyway, I can’t believe you’re doing the IB because I literally just wrote a post about how excited/terrified I am about starting it in September!!
    And just to finish off this rambly and rather irrelevant comment (sorry) YES YOU’RE A FEMINIST WOO HIGH FIVE! I’m actually part of a group feminism/current affairs blog you may be interested in 🙂 (sorry for the cheeky plug I honestly think you might be interested) but anyway I just wanted to say that I love how you address feminism in such a semi sarcastic, funny way (God this sounds so awful sorry) and basically I love your blog ok bye I’m gonna stop irrevocably embarrassing myself now

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jess says:

      Ahhhh hello little pickle!! Sorry it’s taken me a while to reply (I’ve spent all day writing an essay IN GERMAN about the impacts of immigration on the environment do you feel the struggle because if not trust me you will next year future IB kid) but I wanted to make sure I could send you a sufficient amount of virtual hugs and be all preachy hands emoji THANK YOUs because your words were like the ultimate swipe right on the Tinder equivalent of blog comments. I’m super excited to delve into your blog and be all fabulously femmy with you and bond over like Laura Bates and child marriage and the wage gap or something.
      Also you’re starting IB!! Lads❤️ I can’t wait for you to be tortured by your extended essay and never sleep because you still haven’t read Tess of the D’Urbervilles and you’ve got an exam on it next week lol BUT YOULL LAVE IT espesh TOK which is the highlight of my week.
      Lots of love darling and thank you for being lovely xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • An Overthinking Teenager says:

        Eww German essay?! You have my sympathy (and future me, you have current me’s sympathy too 😘😂) aww thank you glad you liked it and didn’t immediately report me to the police as a creepy stalker person 😊 yes TOK sounds so interesting ahhh but maybe not the torture by essays…😂😊

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Izzy says:

    Buzzin for these NYC instas gurl!! I’m v jel (and also jel of Jackie W postcard wah love her sm) xox (p.s I’m catching up on your blog posts on a school computer instead of doing coursework. what an absolute rebel)


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