Feminot Listening

A quick Google and we get the definition of my third favourite thing in the world (after cheese straws and my mum of course):rsz_pic_1

We could click the arrow for more definitions but I don’t really think we need to as the summary is so simple. Equality. Feminism is the belief that men and women should be culturally, politically, economically, socially (and any other -ally you can think of) equal;  with that in mind, why is ‘feminist’ one of the most controversial labels in modern society? Or maybe more importantly- why do people hate us so much, and to such an extent that they feel the need to trend comments such as #FeministsAreUgly or #FeminismIsAwful? So let’s get some things straight, let’s iron out some crumbled duvet misunderstandings and hopefully enlighten anyone that gets kicks out of telling us to go ‘burn our bras’ (Dad I’m looking at you) on what we’re really all about.

Things Feminists Are Tired Of Hearing

Feminists Hate Men

If a person hated men then they’d be a misandrist, or just downright mean. Whoever came up with this man-hating rumour needs to be locked in Lidl and forced to listen to Depeche Mode for the rest of their life because it must be the most common misconception. Feminism is not about hating men- how could you even hate men? They are too good at removing the spiders from my room and looking hot in suits to even consider disliking- we just hate people (of any gender) that treat others disrespectfully. Which leads us nicely onto…image

Feminists Only Care About Women (hence their name)

This statement always amazes me, feminism has become this constant idea of ‘What about me?’ but you know what, this isn’t about me or you on an individual level- this is about humanity. The movement will only be effective if we work together to overcome global inequalities, only if we can do this will there eventually be an outcome for you: no wage gap, extended paternity leave, cat calling extinction, etc. And while we’re on the subject, you can hardly complain about feminism when the whole human race is called mankind.

Feminists Are Ugly

This is in response to one of the many degrading suggested searches that Google provides when you type ‘feminists are’. Stupid and sexist are two others. Ultimately it makes me sad that people are attacking a group that is trying to make such a positive change in the world- a group that any decent human being will belong to- as if the liberation of women is pissing them off. As if my empowerment offends them to such an extent they have to revert back to an 8 year old mind set and start dishing out the ‘your mum’ jokes. Although to be honest, who really cares? I’d take power, strength and fighting for what’s right over a symmetrical face anyway.image

Western Women Are Already Equal

I am so ecstatic that you, as a woman, feel equal and I can only hope that one day I feel that way too, but right now we have real issues that need to be resolved. In the UK we’re not burnt as witches or stoned to death, but that doesn’t make us instantly the same as men and to silence our problems would be like telling Rosa Parks to stop making a fuss because at least she had a seat on that bus- regardless of whether it was the gum encrusted seat in the back row with no window view and ‘Lola u ho’ etched into it with a paperclip. If we constantly compared ourselves to others we would never make progress and I refuse to stop highlighting these ‘irrelevant issues’ (catcalling, period jokes, workplace prejudice) until others recognise the impact they have on our lives.

I Find It All A Bit…Disruptive

She says from her 40k following Tumblr blog, sipping the chai tea latte she bought for herself with the money she earned from her part-time waitressing job which she works around her Open University environmental management degree. Nowadays, these may seem like basic human rights but it hasn’t always been that way: no vote, limited education, being classed as a second class citizen and having your vagina ripped open by the home births of your 8 children is a reality for many women less privileged than us. This lifestyle seems a lot more disruptive than the 15 minutes added to your morning commute to avoid a Free The Nipple protest. And I guess that when the rights we’re fighting for are granted- equal pay to name one- you’ll be all over us like an urban sprawl.

I don't know if she was a feminist but she's one of the most incredible writers I've ever read.

I don’t know if she was a feminist but she’s one of the most incredible writers I’ve ever read

I can’t believe we’ve only discussed 5 statements, it feels like this conversation has lasted a lifetime and I can tell this post will be continued at a later date when we have the other hundred stereotypes to talk about. This isn’t about shaming people, it’s about educating them- curiosity may have killed the cat but it certainly hasn’t killed the cat caller. For now, at least.

What else have I missed? Comment below for some empowering feminist chats/ virtual fist bumping/ your best microwave mug cake recipes and if you liked this then please follow and like.


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